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Jersey Printing

Full body printing, sublimation printing technique is a specialized printing that first involves a printer on special paper, then transferring the image to another material. You free to choose the material of fabric as appropriate.

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Screen Printing

For budget printing and big gathering event. we suggest stenciling method that involves printing ink through a stencil supported by a mesh of porous fabric stretched across a frame called a screen.

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Lanyard printing for hanging your ID card or badges profile.

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Trophy Service

Custom your own trophy for your events. You free to choose how the shape of your trophy depends on catalogue availability.

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Photography & Videography Service

We also provide Photography and Videography package for your event. Portfolio

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3 easy step order for you

Submit order and design

Our sales will assist you for details order and submit your design. We also can provide the design with our designer expert if require.


Your order will be processed around 2 weeks depends on speculation and quantity. We very examine on quality to fully satisfied our client.

Ready to Pickup

When your order fulfilled, your sales advisor will attach you to ready for pickup or using delivery services.

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Customer Support

We offer hands-on support with a professional team of agents to ensure that your questions get answered in a timely manner. You also can visit our store to get real touch with us.

Self Order

Easily submit any artwork with our sales advisor via only simple email or Whatsapp platform.

Frequently asked questions

What is Forfit Service

FORFIT is a sportswear brand based in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur owned by Freka Sdn Bhd. Started solely as a sportswear brand, FORFIT has diversified into media exposure while continuously producing fine quality of sports clothing, events clothing and more. Forfit brand and logo have been registered officially by MylPO.

Can I choose the material of fabrics?

Yes, you can choose any material fabric depends on speculation on your product order. Our sales advisor will assist you and recommend any relevant for you.

What is include with my purchase?

You will get free quotations and consultations with our expert, free design suggestions, and free quality check after production.

How can I get support after purchasing?

We compensation guarantee in 14 days after you get your order. The damages include imperfect quality, insufficient quality, fault caused by us which will be evaluated later.

Why should I trust Forfit Service?

We’re a passionate team of experienced brand and we care about our client, a lot. Since its initial release in 2017, Forfit has seen consistent evolution and has become one of the most popular Sportswear brand in Klang Valley. We also start involved in event like Hari Sukan Negara, sponsored Malaysia Dodgeball Federation and more.

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