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Kemaman Rugby

Meet up our another arena collaborated, Kemaman Rugby. A hooligans game played by gentlemen.


Forfit x Garispxl

Where Fashion Meets Architecture. Prepare to be inspired by a collection that pushes boundaries and showcases the best of both worlds.


Kelana United FC

Meet up The Owl never sleep, Kelana United FC who played in Football Association of Selangor 2023.


Malaysia National Dodgeball

Giving the new breathe for Malaysia National Dodgeball team in competing for Dodgeball World Cup Cairo 2022 ; Forfit proudly presenting Home, Away & Alternate kit for the national team!



Forfit Sportswear as one who partnership with GamesMY, is an esports organization committed towards establishing a healthy sustainable esports ecosystem in university by expanding GamesMY Studio to all universities in Malaysia.



Our partner club "Bersepakat dan Bersetuju bahawa Benda Kalau Jadi, Cantik" Kelab Bola Sepak Seri Rejang KBSR



Taking inspiration from the strategic location of Kampung Raja Uda (KRU) which is located not far from the busyness of Port Klang. The "Container" idea was the main pattern for this team jersey to describe for Raja Uda as centre of attraction.


Forfit HSN

Grab our Hari Sukan Negara Jersey. Our next sponsorship under Kementerian Belia dan Sukan (KBS) E-Sport Categories

FORFIT®: Your Sportswear Brand's Complete Solution

Introducing FORFIT®, your ultimate destination for sportswear excellence. Our comprehensive services encompass custom teamwear, collaboration opportunities, and expert media coverage. With FORFIT®, you can bring your unique vision to life through custom-designed team apparel, unlock new creative possibilities with collaborative partnerships, and gain maximum exposure through our tailored media services. Elevate your sportswear brand and embark on a journey of success with FORFIT® as your trusted partner.

Custom Team Wear

Unite your team with personalized sportswear that reflects your identity with Custom Teamwear by Forfit


Collaborated for Unique Sportswear Collections.

Media Service

Enhance your brand’s visibility and captivate your audience with FORFIT®’s creative media coverage services.

Stylish on & off the field.

Kelana United FC

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Malaysia Healthcare 2022

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