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National Sports Day

The National Sports Day is organized to realize the desire and aspiration to promote and make Malaysia a nation with a population that embraces sports to increase awareness of the importance of sports in creating a fit and active society. Additionally, it fosters and enhances the spirit of unity among people of various ethnicities while simultaneously helping boost the country’s economy through the development and empowerment of the sports industry. This is because it can enhance sports knowledge among the Malaysian population at this time.

Forfit X HSN (JBSN)

Joining forces in the realm of esports, FORFIT® and the Jabatan Belia & Sukan Negara (JBSN) have forged a dynamic collaboration echoing their shared commitment to fostering a thriving esports community. In an exciting endeavor, FORFIT® has taken on the role of the official distributor of team jerseys for participants from every state at the prestigious 3-day event, Hari Sukan Negara

FORFIT X JBSN Partnership

The FORFIT® X JBSN partnership at Hari Sukan Negara reaffirms their shared vision for sports by encouraging excellence, camaraderie, and healthy competition. Their collaboration demonstrates their commitment to building an esports community that embraces sportsmanship, dedication, and excellence.

HSN23 Jersey Edition

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HSN23 Black

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Find our booth at Dataran Putrajaya from October 12th to October 14th, 2023!


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